Sophie Frisch — Teaching

Non-exhaustive list of courses I have been teaching at TU Graz (basically, those courses for which I created a web page):

Spring 2016: Commutative rings

Fall 2015: with R. Rissner, Algebra

Spring 2015: Non-commutative rings

Fall 2014: Commutative Algebra

Spring 2014: Topology

Fall 2013: Algebra and Number Theory

Spring 2013: Introduction to Algebra;

Spring 2013: Logic and Computability

Fall 2012: Commutative Algebra

Spring 2012: Symbolic Computation

Spring 2012: Commutative Ring Theory

Fall 2011: Logic and Computability

Spring 2011: Introduction to Algebra

Spring 2011: Topics in Algebra (Grundthemen Algebra)

Fall 2010: Logic and Computability

Fall 2010: Seminar on Gödel's incompleteness theorem

Spring 2010: Galois Theory

Spring 2010: Symbolic Computation

Spring 2009: Finite fields

Fall 2008: Commutative rings

Fall 2008: Logic and computability

Spring 2008: Finite fields and coding theory

Fall 2007: Algebra

Fall 2007: Combinatorics

Spring 2007: Discrete Mathematics

Fall 2006: Topology

Spring 2006: Noetherian rings

Fall 2005: Algebra

Spring 2005: Symbolic computation

Fall 2004: Algebra

Spring 2004: Algebraic number theory (with visiting prof. J.-L Chabert)

Fall 2003: Galois theory

Fall 2003: Measure theory

Fall 2003: Paradoxes of measure theory (seminar)

Spring 2003: Noetherian rings

Spring 2003: Number fields and algebraic integers (seminar)

Fall 2002: Algebra

Fall 2002: Combinatorics in linear algebra (seminar)

Spring 2002: Mathematical logic

Spring 2002: Ultraproducts (seminar)

Fall 2001: Algebra

Fall 2001: Valuations (seminar)

Spring 2001: Commutative rings (with visiting prof. P.-J. Cahen)

For the morbidly curious, here's the complete account of my teaching activities up to and including 2006: PostScript or PDF.

Also, TU-Graz's course catalogue can be searched via Suche (pulldown menu near top of page) -> Lehrveranstaltungen: "Suchbegriff" searches course titles, "Vortragende" searches lecturers.