"Grundthemen Algebra" Commutative Ring Theory

Mon 12:15-13:25 SR C307 (mathematics, 3rd floor Steyrerg 30)
Tue 10:15-11:45 seminar room PH02100 (theoretical physics, 2nd floor of Petersgasse 16)

I will teach a doctoral level course on commutative ring theory, which is not yet on TUGonline (but will be soon). The emphasis is on techniques that are nedded in the theory of polynomial mappings and integer-valued polynomials. But these techniques are general enough to serve as an introduction to commutative ring theory in general: The outline of the course will be similar to that of last year, so the participants of that course, Barroero, Krenn, Minervino, are well placed to tell you what to expect.

Sophie Frisch